Welcome to our neighborhood!

The East Side Pioneers Neighborhood Association was formed by concerned neighbors in early 1997. The association includes approximately 1160 residents, including home-owners and renters, in areas of southeast and northeast Rochester, MN, close to the city's center. The association's purposes include:

  1. To encourage property owners and tenants to get acquainted with their neighbors and to build a sense of community to include the diverse members of our neighborhood.

  2. To enhance, maintain and preserve property values and common interests in the neighborhood.

  3. To promote safe neighborhoods.

  4. To speak with a united voice for the neighborhood and take such actions as may be appropriate to advance the interests of its residents.

 The boundaries are:  

North:  Silver Creek
South:  4th Street 
East:  Federal Medical Center
West:  Broadway 


Michael J. LaPlante - President
Lynn Keeler - Vice President
Kathy Fritsche - Secretary/Treasurer

Board Members:

Mari Fleming
Patrick Sheedy
Don German
Phil LaPlante
Don Chadbourn
Greg Dukart

e-mail address:



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